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Club/Organization Funding

Access to Student Activity Funds

The Student Leadership Council and Student Life office distribute funds to assist properly recognized student clubs/organizations in their fundraising efforts and daily operations. Criteria for receiving funds are based on preexisting requirements.

Currently clubs/organizations will receive $375 per semester if they meet all requirements set forth by Student Leadership Council.  Clubs/organizations must be active for one semester prior to receiving initial funding. No funding will be granted after the allotted amount in the Student Activities budget has been dispersed. However, the allotted amount will be divided equally between all clubs/organizations which are qualified.

Club/Organization Dues Report

A statement of any dues assessed by student clubs/organizations must be reported to the Student Life Coordinator by the end of the spring semester each year. Failure to report dues will result in a suspension of funding until the report is turned in. Any dues collected must be turned into your club/organization account in the Business Services office immediately upon receipt.

Fundraising, Raffles, Sales, and Solicitation On Campus

Any fundraising activities, raffles, sales, and solicitations must be approved by the Student Life office. Clubs/organizations must fill out a fundraising form from the Student Life office.

Sales and solicitations may only be conducted on-campus by officially recognized student clubs/organizations. Recognized clubs/organizations must be approved by the Student Life office in advance.

Any non-college group must secure permission of the Student Life office to conduct sales or solicitation on campus. Any outside organizations or agencies operating for profit cannot solicit on campus.

On campus, recognized student clubs/organizations may only solicit:

  1. At reasonable times and places.
  2. In a manner consistent with the educational purposes of Hawkeye.
  3. Under reasonable conditions imposed by Hawkeye officials charged with control of the areas involved.
  4. Under procedures prescribed by the Student Life office.
  5. Fundraising forms must be returned to the Student Life office for approval before solicitation occurs.
  6. After you register your event on the calendar found in the Student Life office. Fundraisers must be registered with the Student Life office at least two weeks prior to the fundraising event.

Financial Records and Forms

Contact the Business Services office before any transaction is made for the appropriate procedure.

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