Work-Study Handbook

What to Expect From Your Supervisor

At the time of hire, before you begin your work-study position your supervisor should:

After you begin your work-study position, your supervisor should:

  • provide evaluations of your work periodically, especially if you request one.

  • provide you with work to do during your scheduled hours.

  • make sure the office is open during your scheduled hours.

  • provide job training, Web Time Entry training, and supervision.

  • make an effort to help you improve your work performance if you are not performing at the level they expect.

  • approve your Web Time Entry in time for you to be paid. You must submit your Web Time Entry with adequate time for your supervisor to approve your hours.

  • make clear the consequences of not filling out your Web Time Entry daily and signing every two weeks.

  • help monitor the amount of compensation you earn throughout the academic year to ensure that you do not earn more than you were awarded on your Work-Study Award.


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