Hawkeye Scholarships

Hawkeye Scholarships

Hawkeye has many scholarships available for you. By completing one application, you are applying for dozens of scholarships!

Eligibility Criteria

Hawkeye offers scholarships each semester to deserving students on the basis of achievement and financial need determined by the FAFSA application. Other determining factors include full-time or part-time enrollment, number of credits in which you are enrolled or have completed to date, and maintaining specific grade point requirements.

Scholarship selection is competitive; not all applicants will receive a scholarship.

Application Process

  Application deadline Registered for classes Awarding
Fall applications March 1 May 1 June 30
Spring applications October 1 December 1 December 30
Achievement Scholarship applications March 1 –
essay AND Hawkeye scholarship application

April 1 –
accepted for admission
August 1  
  1. This scholarship application is for students who have applied for admission or who are currently enrolled. Admission to Hawkeye is not required to complete the scholarship application, but to be eligible for any Hawkeye scholarships, you must be admitted and registered for classes.

  2. Complete the online Hawkeye scholarship application. By completing this one application, you will be applying for dozens of scholarships awarded by the Hawkeye Foundation.

  3. Register for classes. If you are scheduled to register for classes after the deadline, contact the Foundation office with your scheduled registration date on or before the registration deadline listed above.

  4. If you have been awarded a scholarship, you will be notified by mail on or before the awarding date.

We will keep your application on file as long as you are attending Hawkeye and are consecutively registered for Fall and Spring semesters.

Receiving Your Award Funds

Hawkeye scholarship awards will be credited to your student account. If you owe the College less than what you have been awarded, the Business Services office will mail you a refund check.

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