Graduating Students

Graduating Students – Application and Checklist

Congratulations! Your hard work and determination have paid off and your new job or further education opportunities are waiting for you.

Follow the checklist below to finish the final steps in completing your education at Hawkeye.

Step 1

Run a Program Evaluation

Determine your eligibility for graduation by running a program evaluation. If you have a status of anticipated complete, you are eligible to apply for graduation. Congratulations!

If you will complete your coursework: You are a: Commencement Ceremony: *
Fall Semester Fall graduate Fall
Spring Semester Spring graduate Spring
Summer Term Summer graduate Spring

* You are not required to attend the commencement ceremony to graduate from Hawkeye. However, if you wish to attend the commencement ceremony and be included in the graduation program, you must complete the graduation application and measure for cap and gown by the given deadlines.

Step 2

Complete a Graduation Application

Why Apply for Graduation?

Your graduation application:

  1. completes your record at Hawkeye and indicates you have officially completed a program.

  2. provides the name you wish to be printed on your diploma.

  3. submits your mailing address and request for a printed diploma.

  4. provides your hometown information so we can contact your local newspaper to announce your graduation.

  5. allows you to participate in the commencement ceremony if you apply by the deadline.

    If you wish to participate in the commencement ceremony, you must also measure for cap and gown during the available dates and times. This is time sensitive – mark your calendar and watch your email so you don't forget.

  6. helps Hawkeye track the success of its programs and graduates.

How Do I Apply for Graduation?

You can apply for graduation after registering for your last semester of classes, but must do so by the deadline.

Fall 2014 Graduates

  1. Register for your last semester of classes.
    Fall registration opens March 24, 2014.

  2. Complete the online graduation application and survey for each program from which you would like to graduate using your My Hawkeye account.

    Graduation application deadline
    October 10, 2014. Please check back for specific date.

Step 3

Check Your Hawkeye Email

Check your Hawkeye email often. Many emails are time sensitive.

Emails to watch for:

  • an email letting you know the status of your graduation application.

    If you do not receive this email within 30 days of submitting your graduation application contact the Records Evaluator in the Records office.

  • an email with information about measuring for cap and gown.

Step 4

Complete Exit Loan Counseling

Complete Loan Exit Counseling if you have Federal Direct Stafford Loans.

Step 5

Get Measured for Cap and Gown

If you wish to participate in commencement, visit the Student Life desk in the Brock Student Center to get measured for your cap and gown.

If you don't measure for cap and gown during the dates and times below, you will not be able to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Cap and Gown Measurements
Fall 2014 Graduates

November 17-20, 2014

November 21, 2014

Step 6

Celebrate at Commencement!

Celebrate at the commencement ceremony.

Step 7

Your Diploma

You should receive your diploma in the mail approximately 3-4 weeks after graduation.

If your diploma is undelivered, lost, stolen, or damaged in the mailing process, we regret that we cannot be responsible for the diploma. You will need to order a replacement diploma and pay all associated fees. Thank you for your understanding.

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