Weather & Emergency Information

Weather and Emergency Information

How Will You be Notified?

Classes may be cancelled or delayed due to severe weather, emergency, or maintenance situations such as shutdown of electricity or water. How will you be notified?

Severe Weather Situations

During the winter season, please wear appropriate shoes or boots during snowy or icy conditions to avoid a slip or fall.

Always use your best judgment when determining to attend classes during severe weather conditions. If you choose not to attend, it is your responsibility to contact your professors.

Delayed Starts


When Hawkeye opens late you should plan to begin your schedule at the late-start time.

For example, if we open at 10:00am, a class that would normally begin at 9:30am will start at 10:00am for a shortened class period. Normal class times will then resume.

You will have access to campus starting at 9:30am.

Faculty and Staff

Non-bargaining and UE employees should report to work at 9:30am.

Faculty should plan to begin their schedule at the late-start time.

Employees will have access to the campus starting at 9:15am by way of Arboretum Drive or the Southeast Main Entrance.

If you arrive on campus prior to 9:30am, please park in either lot D west of Buchanan Hall or lot L directly north of the Library.

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