• Through the partnership between Hawkeye and Mount Mercy, I was able to fulfill my lifelong dream of obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.
    - Monique Eldridge

  • As an educator, I believe continuous professional development enhances one’s ideas and practices. The students at Mount Mercy truly reflect those values and have been a complete delight to work with.
    - Mark Ryan

  • I appreciated having instructors who work in the field in which they’re teaching. As an employed adult, learning through real-world examples within the accelerated format was very beneficial to me.
    - Nick Pfadenhauer

  • I chose Mount Mercy University because of the convenient classes, held one night a week and in five or ten week blocks. This makes obtaining a degree manageable for working students.
    - Nichole Anfinson


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Tom Castle

Our accelerated program recognizes that adults learn differently, and by using adult teaching techniques, we’re able to offer a higher quality education, in a format that’s convenient for working adults.


From the Desk Of...

  • Scot Reisinger

    Dean of Adult Programs
    We hope that you find the answers to your questions about the degrees offered by Mount Mercy and Hawkeye on this page. This collaboration has allowed us to offer courses that fit the working adult’s busy schedule and provide a smooth transition between the programs.

  • Tom Castle

    Associate Provost at Mount Mercy University
    Mount Mercy University and Hawkeye Community College made a commitment more than six years ago to provide a superior, adult-focused education in this community.