• Through the partnership between Hawkeye and Mount Mercy, I was able to fulfill my lifelong dream of obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.
    - Monique Eldridge

  • As an educator, I believe continuous professional development enhances one’s ideas and practices. The students at Mount Mercy truly reflect those values and have been a complete delight to work with.
    - Mark Ryan

  • I appreciated having instructors who work in the field in which they’re teaching. As an employed adult, learning through real-world examples within the accelerated format was very beneficial to me.
    - Nick Pfadenhauer

  • I chose Mt. Mercy University because of the convenient classes, held one night a week and in five or ten week blocks. This makes obtaining a degree manageable for working students.
    - Nichole Anfinson


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Tom Castle

Our accelerated program recognizes that adults learn differently, and by using adult teaching techniques, we’re able to offer a higher quality education, in a format that’s convenient for working adults.


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  • Colette Atkins

    Assistant Provost at Mount Mercy University
    Here it is! One place for you to find information about how to start and finish your college education – all while working, taking care of a family and the endless list of other priorities.
  • Tom Castle

    Associate Provost at Mount Mercy University
    Mount Mercy University and Hawkeye Community College made a commitment over three years ago to provide a superior, adult-focused education in this community.