Creating and Maintaining a Social Media Presence


The Public Relations and Marketing office and the Brobst Center for Teaching and Learning manage the Hawkeye Community College YouTube channel. In addition to creating and publishing videos on behalf of Hawkeye, we accept video submissions from the Hawkeye community that add value to Hawkeye’s mission and present Hawkeye in a positive and authentic way.

Hawkeye’s YouTube guidelines are consistent with the Hawkeye website and social media guidelines.

YouTube is a public channel and not all college videos may be appropriate for YouTube. We reserve the right to review videos prior to uploading for appropriateness.

The objective of the Hawkeye YouTube channel is to:

  • promote Hawkeye in a positive manner.
  • provide informational and educational information to a broader community.
  • provide recruitment materials.
  • inspire participation and conversation.
  • utilize good public relations standards.

Video Guidelines

Video Purpose

Before creating or submitting videos, please contact the Marketing Coordinator in Public Relations and Marketing or the Brobst Center for Teaching and Learning to ensure your videos meet YouTube guidelines.

  1. Videos need to meet a defined purpose including:
    1. Who is the audience?

    2. What is the time frame for the video to be posted?

    3. Who is the owner and/or contact? (department, individual)

    4. How will the video be used or distributed?
      • instructional/classroom
      • website
      • departmental or college marketing materials
    5. Does it fulfill the Hawkeye mission?
  2. The Public Relations and Marketing office and the Brobst Center for Teaching and Learning reserve the right to edit videos for length and content as appropriate.

Copyright and Video Release

  1. Videos must include original content. A signed Copyright Release from Owner and Indemnification Agreement [pdf] must be completed before uploading the videos.

  2. Videos containing copyrighted content or content created by someone else will not be uploaded without a signed Copyright Release from Third-Party Owner and Indemnification Agreement [pdf] from the owner of the content.

  3. Students and non-Hawkeye employees must sign a Photo, Audio, and Video Release Form [pdf] to be filmed unless it is a public event.

These signed releases must be submitted with the video to Public Relations and Marketing or the Brobst Center for Teaching and Learning Services.

Video Review

Video will be removed if the source is not seen as credible or content is outdated. We reserve the right to review people and content in videos posted on YouTube to ensure each video is credible and represents Hawkeye in good public relations standards. Videos may be removed if subjects in the video:

  • are deceased
  • have retired
  • have left the college
  • have graduated
  • are alumni and are presented as a student

Video Format

Video Length and Quality

  1. Most popular videos are short, under 5 minutes long. Some exceptions may apply.

  2. Whenever possible record in high definition.

  3. Do not optimize videos lower than 640x480 resolution.

Logos and Branding

  1. Videos must follow the Hawkeye logo guidelines and the style and punctuation guide.

  2. Only official and approved Hawkeye logos may be used in videos.

  3. Only use Hawkeye or Hawkeye Community College. Do not use abbreviation (ex. HCC) in writing or audio.

  4. To create consistency and brand awareness, all videos uploaded will be tagged with an approved opening and closing title screen.

Video Information

This information should be provided when submitting a video to be uploaded on YouTube.

Ex. Hawkeye Community College, Hawkeye, Waterloo, Iowa, graduation, commencement, Spencer Gann, Waterloo Police Department, honesty, courage, vigilance, commencement speaker, graduation speaker

  • Video Title: Hawkeye needs to be included in the title. Title needs to describe exactly what the video is.
    Ex. Spring 2011 Hawkeye Community College Graduation Speaker – Spencer Gann

  • Video File Name: File name needs to start with Hawkeye and include the title of the video.
    Ex. hawkeye-spring-2011-graduation-spencer-gann.mpg

  • Video Description:

    • Start the description with the Hawkeye website.
    • Write a unique, keyword-heavy description.
    • Write in web style and reference the Hawkeye style and punctuation guide.
    • Use Hawkeye or Hawkeye Community College, not HCC.
    • Write in upper and lower case. Don’t use all caps.
    • If necessary, credit for individuals should be given at the end of the description.

    Ex. - Waterloo police officer Spencer Gann spoke to the Spring 2011 graduates of Hawkeye Community College. Officer Gann spoke of living your life with honesty, courage, and vigilance.

  • Video Keywords:
    • Keywords should always include:
      • Hawkeye Community College
      • Hawkeye
      • Waterloo, Iowa
      • Subject or topic of video
      • Names of department and programs
      • Names of individuals in video
    • Include some of the keywords used in your description.
    • Include some common keywords for the topic of the video even if they aren’t in the page description.

Design of the YouTube Channel

The design and set-up of the YouTube Channel is maintained by the Public Relations and Marketing office. The channel will reflect the look of the Hawkeye website and follow Hawkeye’s web and social media standards.

Subscribing to Other Channels

The Hawkeye YouTube channel will only subscribe organization’s channels if the organization works in partnership with Hawkeye and are not seen as a competitor.

Subscriptions to other channels you find interesting or informational should be done through your personal account.

Favorite Other Videos

The Hawkeye YouTube Channel will favorite videos that are about Hawkeye and present the College in good public relations standards. Ex. Honoring Harold Brock of Hawkeye Community College by Rep. Bruce Braley

We may favorite videos that provide instructional content and enhance the mission of Hawkeye. These favorites will be placed in the appropriate playlists.

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