Social Media

Advertising and Promotion

Hawkeye Website

Offices and departments can contact the Marketing Coordinator to link their approved social media presences from the social media web page and from other appropriate web pages on the Hawkeye website.

Online Promotion and Advertising

Contact the Marketing Coordinator if you are interested in linking your social media presence to an official Hawkeye presence.

Paid advertising such as Facebook and Google ads are only recommended for limited use. Contact the Marketing Coordinator before pursuing paid advertising.

Email Signature

You can promote a Hawkeye approved Facebook page using a
Facebook badge in your email signature.

  1. Right click on the Find us on Facebook image to the right > Save Image As

  2. In Microsoft Outlook, go to Tools > Options > Mail Format > Signatures.

  3. Select your signature.

  4. Below your current signature, insert the Facebook badge using the image button.

  5. Select the Facebook badge and click the link button.

  6. Place the approved Facebook web address in the address box.

  7. Click OK > OK > OK. 

Contact the Marketing Coordinator to link other social media presences to your email.

Public Relations
and Marketing

Hawkeye Center 222
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Marketing Coordinator

JoAnna Nieman
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