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Use of Web Addresses in Materials

Many times when providing information it makes sense to provide a web address for additional information.

How to Use Web Addresses in Publications and Promotions

  1. http:// can be removed from the beginning of web addresses, unless it is https://

  2. /default.aspx can be removed from the end of the web addresses.

  3. If a web address is long, it is suggested to direct people to a main page and direct them from there. Example: > Health > Associate Degree Nursing

    You can use a promotional web address. Example: > Work-Study

How to Request a Shortened Web Address or "Go Link"

Web addresses can get very long on our website. To help make it easier for users to type in specific web addresses they see in print publications we have created "go links". We can create "go links" to significantly shorten the link.

If you are including a link in an email or other electronic communication, go links are not necessary as users won't be typing in the address, they will be clicking on it instead.

To request a promotional web address, please contact the webmaster.

Please include:

  1. The web address you want people to go to.
  2. The publication or promotion you are using it in.

Public Relations
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