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Lab Assistant - Natural Sciences Labs

Job Vacancy Notice: 7/6/2013
Application Deadline: by 4:00pm CST

JOB SUMMARY: This individual works with department faculty and the Dean to assure that the laboratories are properly set-up and supplied with materials and chemicals. Ensures that equipment is working properly, and the laboratories function as best as possible to serve the students who utilize the laboratories. Sets up and inspects equipment needed for weekly lab activities for course experiments in natural sciences laboratories. Prepares and maintains solutions and distilled water supply. Organizes, maintains and repairs laboratory and storeroom equipment. Performs routine safety inspections of fume hoods, electrical outlets, and gas cocks. Calibrates balances, weights, and meters as needed. Cleans glassware and organizes equipment as needed. Performs a start-up (or “boot”) check of computers used in the laboratories. Tests digital thermometers, batteries, lamps, meters, and connecting wire in science laboratories. Replaces items as needed. Assists faculty in the maintenance of live cultures (bacteria, etc.). Assists faculty in the preparation of microbiological cultures and media for class room use. Assists faculty in the collection, maintenance, and preservation of specimens. Assists faculty in maintenance of inventory of chemical stock and associated Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Assists faculty in the maintenance of inventory of geological collections and of equipment at laboratory stations. Communicates with faculty and Dean about deficiencies in inventory. Assists faculty in preparation of departmental purchase requests. Assists Dean in monitoring of work-study students and assures that open study times are monitored. Assists faculty in the organization, pre-treatment, and arrangement for disposal of biological, chemical, and hazardous waste and other controlled wastes, such as batteries. Uses judgment to assess situations that may impact instruction or safety and notifies the faculty or Dean and other college safety and facilities personnel. Provides technical guidance in the development, revision, and implementation of the department Chemical Hygiene Plan. Assists instructors in lab exam set-ups by prior arrangement. Operates microcomputer for maintaining inventory records. Assists in maintaining computer-assisted laboratory hardware. Maintains weather station. Is committed to providing quality service that meets or exceeds the expectations of internal and external customers. Performs other related duties as assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS: Associate’s degree in science or science education and/or related experience with a background in science. Must be familiar with supplies and general procedures used in science labs. Good organization and interpersonal skills. Preferences include a bachelor’s degree in a science discipline or science education.

EMPLOYMENT STATUS: Part-time position with wages expected to be $18.00 per hour. Anticipated hours will be flexible, within the normal work week (Monday through Friday). Hours will be approved by supervisor.

Application Procedure

  1. Complete an online employment application.

  2. Submit all required application materials by the application deadline. Application materials are required to complete your application.

Veterans and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

If you are in need of any special accommodation in completing the application process, please notify Human Resource Services.

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