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Adjunct Instructor

Job Vacancy Notice: 1/1/2013
Application Deadline: by 4:00pm CST

JOB SUMMARY: Hawkeye Community College is continuing to accept applications from individuals interested in teaching part-time. A normal assignment would be one to three classes per week; day, evening, and weekend sections may be available. These individuals will plan and guide the learning processes for students toward the achievement of curricular goals and objectives as identified and documented in course outline materials. Other responsibilities include employing instructional methods and materials that are most appropriate for meeting objectives; assessing the accomplishments of students on a regular basis according to department policies and procedures; and providing progress reports (evaluations and grades) as required.


  1. Teaching TRANSFER COURSES requires a Master's Degree including a minimum of 12 semester hours (18 preferred) of credit at the graduate level in the discipline area to be taught.
  2. Teaching DEVELOPMENTAL COURSES require a Bachelor’s degree in the discipline area to be taught including courses in teacher preparation.
  3. Teaching TECHNICAL COURSES require a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in a related area of study or occupational area in the area of instruction, or special training and a minimum of three years (6,000 hours) of documentable paid employment related to the area of discipline. If applicable, the instructor will hold state required registration, certification, or licensure in the area of instruction.
  4. Teaching CLINICAL COURSES require three years (6,000 hours) of documentable paid employment related to the area of discipline. Bachelor’s degree in the discipline area or related degree, or active progress toward the attainment of such a degree. Master’s degree preferred.

Qualifications include the ability to communicate with students and the public. Must be able to apply supervisory skills, motivate students, be personable and professional, have patience with and understanding of students, and be able to learn and apply new concepts and ideas.

EMPLOYMENT STATUS: Part-time, hourly. Starting pay is $45.00 per contact hour; clinical pay is $41.00 per contact hour. Classes begin in August (Fall term), January (Spring term), and May & June (Summer terms).

Application Procedure

  1. Complete an online employment application.

  2. Submit all required application materials by the application deadline. Application materials are required to complete your application.

Veterans and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

If you are in need of any special accommodation in completing the application process, please notify Human Resource Services.

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