Teaching Online

Teaching Online

For even the most experienced classroom teacher, teaching online requires a thoughtful transition to the new environment. It is not merely a case of putting a course online, but rather of understanding both the opportunities and limitations of the online learning environment.

Use the best practices in online learning to help you get started developing a course that is focused on knowledge creation, rather than knowledge transmission. Online courses are rich with opportunities to create learner-centered environments - be creative!

Pedagogical Techniques to be Used More Widely Online in the Coming Decade

Response Options Number of
Rate (%)
Group problem-solving and collaborative tasks 356 65.4
Problem-based learning 316 58.1
Discussion 237 43.6
Case-based strategies 228 41.2
Simulations or role play 198 36.4
Student-generated content 190 34.9
Coaching or mentoring 162 29.8
Guided learning 155 28.5
Exploratory or discovery 147 27.0
Lecturing or teacher-directed activities 60 11.0
Modeling of the solution process 49 9.0
Socratic questioning 47 8.6
 Subtotal  544  98.0
 No response  18  2.0
 Total  562  100.0


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