Teaching a Distance-Learning Course

Teaching a Distance-Learning Course

Hawkeye distance-learning courses offer an interactive education through the Educational Broadcast System (EBS) and Iowa Communication Network (ICN).

These systems connect students to their instructors from their high school or one of Hawkeye's centers. Hawkeye offers high school advanced placement courses for high schools whose teachers can't provide them. Hawkeye's centers offer students the opportunity to take courses without the hassle and time of traveling to main campus.

Hawkeye also offers online courses. Students can connect with their instructors from anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Educational Broadcast System (EBS)

This wireless video conferencing system connects Hawkeye's centers, health centers, and some high schools.

Iowa Communication Network (ICN)

This fiber optic system connects Hawkeye's centers, as well as more than 800 sites across Iowa. Most high schools as well as local, state, and federal governments use this system.

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