Teaching a Distance-Learning Course

Changes to Your Teaching Style

Don’t be afraid to send your PowerPoints and visual content to the students ahead of the class.

A study question they can prepare for may help spur discussion and may be the key to unlocking the active class you know is in there.

A learning management suite (LMS), email, instant messaging, and pod-casts are good ways to provide content to students so they can prepare for a reasoned and prepared response. Adding a web component can build new ways for all of your students to see your content.

Changes to Your Teaching Style

If you instruct using primarily lecture, you may wish to spend some time creating an active learning classroom. Materials such as a PowerPoint may need to be designed for the TV screen for added clarity. You may desire to add some additional visual content to vary the stimuli. Most of the time, the changes you need to make to promote interaction are small and work as well in your regular classes as your distance ones.

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