Faculty Induction and Mentoring

Faculty Induction and Mentoring Process

New full-time faculty must participate in a two-year induction and mentoring program coordinated by the Brobst Center for Teaching and Learning Services. This two-year program is designed to provide a welcoming climate at Hawkeye by:

  • Building positive relationships through mentoring and by using faculty and administrators to facilitate learning.

  • Strengthening the likelihood of teaching success and faculty and student retention through learning, modeling, and guided practice of research-based instructional practices.

The following must be completed during the first two years:

  • New Faculty Orientation including Canvas Basic Orientation
  • Classroom Technology Orientation
  • Teaching for Learning @Hawkeye
  • Assessment of Student Learning
  • Strategies for Effective Online Learning
  • History & Philosophy of the Community College
  • Faculty Mentoring (2 years)

These learning opportunities will be held 3:00-5:00pm Tuesday unless otherwise noted.

Pre-registration is required. Register online for the above workshops and courses on the Brobst Center Calendar of Events.


A Mentor is assigned to a new faculty member by the Brobst Center for Teaching and Learning Services and come from outside the mentee’s department. They are trained in instructional coaching and support new faculty. Mentors and mentees are expected to meet at least once per month in a formal or informal setting. Meeting dates and collaboration logs will be provided to the Brobst Center Director for verification purposes.

Year One Focus

  • Assist their mentee in the development of a teaching philosophy.
  • Support their mentee in planning instruction.
  • Guide their mentee, through use of reflective questioning, to identify their strengths and areas for improvement in teaching.

At the end of year one, the mentee will have a written teaching philosophy.

Year Two Focus

  • Coach the mentee’s instructional practice to be aligned with their teaching philosophy.
  • Supporting the mentee in understanding Hawkeye’s Quality Faculty Plan.
  • Guide the mentee as they create a teaching portfolio.

At the end of year two, the mentee will have a written teaching portfolio.

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