Classroom Standards

Standard 1: Safe and Supportive Environment for Student Learning

Why the Standard is Important

A safe and supportive environment for student learning incorporates both the physical and social/psychological environment. Support areas that help to create and maintain a safe and supportive place for learning include public safety, wellness, student health, academic support, student advising, student disability services, clubs and organizations, financial aid, child care, and student activities. Research has shown that providing a safe and supportive learning community leads to increased student achievement.

Examples for How to Address This Standard

  1. As faculty at Hawkeye Community College, we need to be aware of the support services that Hawkeye has available for our students and be able to effectively provide direction to students about how these services can be utilized for their benefit. See link under additional resources.

  2. Encourage students to attend Hawkeye’s orientation (including the MORE session) to help them become aware of all the support areas and how they can become very successful academically while enrolled at Hawkeye.


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