Grants and Projects Management

From identifying funding sources to mailing off completed proposals, Hawkeye’s Grants and Projects Management staff will help you all the way!

Here’s what we do:

  • Research and submit proposals for public and private grant funds to advance Hawkeye’s mission.

  • Inform and train Hawkeye personnel about grant opportunities.

  • Track and oversee funded grants and maintain a historical record of Hawkeye Community College grants.

  • Co-administer Hawkeye Innovation Projects, Hawkeye’s internal grant funding.

To effectively coordinate proposals submitted by faculty and staff on Hawkeye’s behalf, it is our policy that all proposals must be initiated and completed through the Grants / Projects Management office.

Why write a grant?

Faculty and staff are vital in proposing and implementing grant-funded projects. Yes, it may take time and energy, but the rewards for faculty, staff, and Hawkeye are great and can include:

  • External funds for a unique project that is beyond the reach of institutional budgets.

  • Professional growth that results from proposal planning and development.

  • Enriched educational opportunities for students.

  • Innovation in a discipline or field of expertise.

  • Recognition and prestige for successfully funded projects.


Contact Us

Associate Director of Grants & Resource Development

Constance Grimm
Hawkeye Center 224
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Grants & Resource Development Specialist

Leslie Carlholm
Hawkeye Center 224
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The Grants department does not offer grants or scholarships directly to students. Students should contact the Financial Aid office to inquire about grants and scholarships.