Leadership Modular Series

Clarifying Your Team's Purpose and Strategy

The percentage of individuals who really understand their organization's mission and purpose is low. Without understanding how their jobs affect the organization's purpose, employees generally perform to the lowest expectations of their job, not the highest. When management leaders do not ensure employees have a clear understanding of how their contributions support the overall purpose, time and resources are wasted.

"Clarifying Your Team's Purpose and Strategy" will help you understand that clarity at every level is critical to an organization's success.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to create a clear strategy for achieving team goals as they relate to your organization's mission.
  • To help team members understand their jobs and how they are key contributor's to the organization's goals.
  • Skills, tools, and a plan for leading your team.

You will receive:

  • A Participant handbook
  • An Implementation handbook
  • A full set of electronic tools
  • A select video from the course

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