Community Job Openings

By: Career Services Center
Date Published: Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Are you looking for a job while you are in school or a job in your chosen field? Start by logging into your Hawkeye Job Board account to begin searching for these jobs.

  • Automotive Service Technician #4651567 
  • CNC Programmer #4658651
  • Front Desk Staff #4650862
  • Human Resources Student Assistant #4667568
  • IT Internship #4662483 
  • Lead Child Care Teacher #4652421
  • LPN #4656103
  • Office Coordinator #4664929
  • Photo Production Lab #4661760 
  • Seasonal Harvest Worker #4650986
  • Social Media Specialist Intern #4667568
  • Swine Caretaker #4655976
  • Tax Preparer #4665209
  • Team Leader #4656327
  • Welder #4666810
  • Plus more full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities posted daily!

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Back-to-School Job Search

Now that classes are back in session, some may be seeking a job to gain extra experience or help with expenses. Here are some tips to help get started and work for almost any situation, whether you are a new job seeker or a seasoned one.

  • Polish up your resume and/or work history information. Just about every job requires you to submit a resume or an application. The information the employers seek should not be new to you, so make sure you have everything up-to-date and ready to go.

  • Join a club or organization. Begin to network and build valuable relationships with people on and off campus. The number one way to find a job is through referrals and word-of-mouth, and what better way to start than with your fellow students and instructors? Many times clubs will also have guest speakers or field trips and this is another great way to connect.

  • Clean up your social media accounts. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat can be used for good! However, in order to do so, be aware of what is being posted and refrain from posting inappropriate content.

  • Wardrobe check. Making a good first impression in an interview is important. Do you have clothing appropriate for an interview situation? Invest in a pair of dress pants, a knee-length skirt, button-down shirts or polos, dress shoes, and even a suit. Many of these items are mix-and-match so you shouldn’t have to pay a lot of money to look professional and put together.

  • Visit the Career Services Center. The Career Services Center is here to assist with anything career-related, so make sure to visit the office with your questions or concerns.

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