Community Job Openings

By: Career Services Center
Date Published: Friday, October 21, 2016

Are you looking for a job while you are in school or a job in your chosen field? Start by logging into your Hawkeye Job Board account to begin searching for these jobs.

  • Assistant Teachers #4741958
  • Caregiver #4741396
  • CNC Machinist #4746398
  • Customer Service Representative #4749788 
  • Family Planning Billing & Clerical Specialist #4747023
  • Help Desk Analyst #4732348 
  • Machine Operator #4741257
  • Painter #4746387   
  • Plow Truck Driver #4745021
  • Registered Nurse #4743029 
  • Seasonal Operations Opportunities (Agriculture) #4749116 
  • Shipping/Receiving/Assembly #4740978
  • Swine Caretaker #4744423
  • Terminal Clerk II #4732814 
  • Plus more posted daily!

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Yes, Interpersonal Skills Are Important

More than ever, employers are stating that the ability to work with others and provide quality customer service are priority. While it is equally important to know how to do the job well, employees NEED to be able to demonstrate communication skills and team work.

  • Overall, be a professional. Be knowledgeable. Be on time. Be respectful. These things, among others, will help you be a professional in the classroom and in the workplace. 

  • Smile. Yes, we all have bad days, but do not pull others down with you. Negativity can breed negativity, so why not do the opposite and bring a positive attitude? This goes for interacting with co-workers, customers, classmates, and even managers and instructors.

  • Handle conflict maturely. In a perfect world, there is no conflict, but we know better. Should stressful situations arise, do not cause unnecessary drama. Arrange a conversation and discuss the conflict calmly to find a resolution.

  • Put yourself in their shoes. Practice empathy. You never know everyone’s story and what they are going through on a daily basis. Treat everyone with kindness and respect.

  • Admit when you make a mistake. We are human and mistakes happen. The key is to confess when you make an error and do what you can to fix it. Be honest and open; this will help you gain respect and trust.

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