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University of Iowa College of Business Administration

College of Business Administration majors:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Management of Information Systems (MIS)
  • Marketing

Admission Requirements

  1. Complete an Application for Admission by the deadline.

    • You will required to submit a resume with application

  2. Minimum 2.75 GPA in

    • all business prerequisites,
    • all college-level courses including transfer courses, and
    • all courses taken at Iowa.
  3. Admitted to the Henry B. Tippie College of Business Administration

  4. Complete 60 college credit hours.

  5. Complete the following prerequisite courses with a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA. You must receive at least a C grade in each course.

    Hawkeye Course Iowa Course
    ACC131 Principles of Accounting I * 6A:1 Introduction to Financial Accounting
    ACC132 Principles of Accounting II * 6A:2 Managerial Cost Accounting
    ECN120 Principles of Macroeconomics 6E:2 Principles of Macroeconomics
    ECN130 Principles of Microeconomics 6E:1 Principles of Microeconomics
    MAT156 Statistics OR
    BUS210 Business Statistics
    22S:8 Statistics for Business
    MAT210 Calculus I 22M:17 Calculus & Matrix Algebra for Business

    * Recommended to complete before you transfer

If you do not meet all the admission requirements before you transfer, you will be admitted to College of Liberal Arts as a pre-business major.

Accounting Major Additional Admission Requirements

In addition to the above admission requirements, students pursuing a degree in Accounting must have at least a:

  • 3.0 GPA on all Iowa and transfer coursework
  • B- average in ACC131 Principles of Accounting I and ACC132 Principles of Accounting II

If you do not meet the admissions requirements, you will be admitted to Iowa as a pre-accounting major.

Transfer Notes

If you need to complete preparatory work in mathematics, you may wish to complete extra electives at Hawkeye due to the transfer of lower level Algebra classes.

MAT102 Intermediate Algebra and MAT122 College Algebra courses do not apply towards your graduation requirements at the University of Iowa.

If you are transferring as a junior you should plan an internship between your junior and senior year as soon as you arrive or before.

Core Business Classes

Core Business classes are not required for admittance, but can be completed at Hawkeye before you transfer.

Hawkeye Course Iowa Course
BUS183 Business Law 6J:47 Introduction to Law
CSC110 Introduction to Computers 6K:70 Computer Analysis
MGT101 Principles of Management 6J:48 Introduction to Management

General Education Requirements

Students completing the Liberal Arts - Associate of Arts degree from Hawkeye are considered to have met all general education requirements with the exception of Global and Cultural Studies. To fulfill this requirement, you can either:

  • take a fifth semester of a foreign language OR

  • take one of the following courses as part of your Associate of Arts degree at Hawkeye:

    Associate of Arts degree Category V. Cultural Diversity courses:

    • COM148 Diversity and the Media
    • HIS277 History of Women in the US
    • LIT133 Minority Voices in US Literature
    • LIT189 Women and Literature
    • SOC205 Diversity in America
    • WST101 Women’s Studies

    Associate of Arts degree Category VI. Elective courses:

    • ART203 Art History I CLS150
    • ART204 Art History II
    • CLS130 African Cultures CLS169
    • CLS141 Mid Eastern Hist. & Culture
    • CLS150 Latin American History and Culture
    • CLS160 East Asian Cultures
    • CLS169 The Pacific Century(TV)
    • GEO121 World Regional Geography
    • HIS117 Western Civilization I
    • HIS118 Western Civilization II
    • HIS119 Western Civilization III
    • REL101 Survey of World Religions

Foreign Language General Education Requirement

You are required to complete the Foreign Language requirement for the College of Business if you have not:

  • earned an Associate of Arts degree,
  • graduated high school between 1985-1991 and have at least 24 credit hours or more earned, or
  • graduated high school prior to 1985.

Students may be admitted without this requirement on a conditional basis.

To fulfill the Foreign Language requirement you must:

  • complete two years of a foreign language in high school, OR
  • complete two semesters of a foreign language in college, AND
  • complete intermediate courses of the same foreign language at Iowa.

The following are courses that may be taken at Hawkeye to apply towards the foreign language requirement.

Hawkeye Course Iowa Course
ASL131 American Sign Language I
ASL161 American Sign Language II
FLC145 Chinese 1 39:8 1st Year Chinese 1st Semester
FLF145 French I 9:1 Elementary French I
FLF245 French II 9:2 Elementary French II
FLS151 Elementary Spanish I 35:1 Elementary Spanish I
FLS152 Elementary Spanish II 35:2 Elementary Spanish II


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