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Failure to Withdraw/Grade Requital

If you have received all grades of F for a semester due to a failure to withdraw from classes, you may appeal to have the grades changed. Complete the Grade Requital for Failure to Withdraw form from the Student Records and Registration office. You must meet all requirements to be eligible.

  1. You didn't complete the semester, receive a passing grade of A, B, C, or D, withdraw from a course, or take the final test(s).

  2. You were unable to withdraw from courses due to circumstances beyond your control. Proof of your circumstances is required. Examples of circumstances that might be considered are ... 

    • medical
    • military call-up
    • sudden and unexpected relocation
    • institutionalization

Not having read the withdrawal policies will not be considered a reason for grade requital. You can make a written appeal to the Director of Student Records and Registration to have your grades of F changed to grades of O. This written appeal must include documentation from your instructors that you didn't take the final test(s). Your appeal will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Director of Student Records and Registration. The committee will reach a decision within 30 days.


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