Liberal Arts AA and AS Degrees

Emphasis Area – Women's Studies Course Descriptions

Academic Year: 2016–2017

Women's Studies Courses

COM148 Diversity and the Media

3 credits—Diversity and the Media presents a historical perspective and a current analysis of various minority groups and how media depict these groups. This course helps students understand why and how stereotypical media portrayals have been produced and how the under-representation of diversified images affects their knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors toward.

Lecture Hours: 48

2016–2017 Course Cost: $505.50

HIS277 History of Women in the U.S.

3 credits—United States history from the perspective of women starting in the colonial period through the present day. The course examines the historical development of women's role in the family, concepts of sexuality, economic and political roles, and intellectual tradition. A comparative analysis of women's roles in other areas of the world is also provided.

Lecture Hours: 48

Prerequisite(s): A minimum grade of C- in HIS151, HIS152, or WST101.

2016–2017 Course Cost: $505.50

LIT189 Women and Literature

3 credits—Women and Literature examines the predominant ways in which women have been portrayed by both male and female writers. It will also focus on the effects these recurring images may have on expectations for real women.

Lecture Hours: 48

2016–2017 Course Cost: $505.50

PSY262 Psychology of Gender

3 credits—This course explores the meaning of gender. Research and theory in the areas of gender development, gender similarities and differences, and the nature and effects of gender roles and stereotypes is emphasized.

Lecture Hours: 48

Prerequisite(s): PSY111

2016–2017 Course Cost: $505.50

WST101 Women's Studies

3 credits—This course serves as an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of women's studies and to current women's issues in our society. It explores ways in which women get marginalized and silenced primarily by the social definitions and the patriarchal male power structure. The course seeks to help students develop critical thinking relative to contemporary gender issues; to explore their assumptions about gender; to illuminate social constructions of femininity and women's roles; and to uncover the ways in which social teachings shape and limit women's lives.

Lecture Hours: 48

2016–2017 Course Cost: $505.50

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