Liberal Arts AA and AS Degrees

Emphasis Area – Pre-Mortuary Science Course Descriptions

BIO163 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology

4 credits – This course is an introduction to the principles of human anatomy and physiology beginning with the cellular/biochemical level of organization and progressing through a comprehensive study of organ systems emphasizing homeostasis. This is a one-term transfer level class designed for students entering allied health fields or biological sciences. To be applicable to any health career program, successful completion with a grade of "C" or better is required. Each student must enroll for one laboratory section.

Lecture Hours: 48 Lab Hours: 32

BUS102 Introduction to Business

3 credits – An introductory survey course which provides an overview of the major functions in business with relation to current social, economic, and environmental concerns.

Lecture Hours: 48

BUS180 Business Ethics

3 credits – This course is an introduction to ethical decision making in business. There is an examination of individual, organizational, and macro level issues in business ethics. This course does not determine correct ethical action; it is designed to assist the potential businessperson to make more informed ethical decisions on a daily basis. Dilemmas, real life situations, and cases provide an opportunity for you to use concepts in the assignments and to resolve ethical issues. Since there is no universal agreement on the correct ethical business norms critical thinking and informed decision making are emphasized.

Lecture Hours: 48

CHM122 Introduction to General Chemistry

4 credits – An introductory course which assumes a minimal student background in mathematics and chemistry. The course is intended to serve students in allied health programs and any student desiring an application-oriented, less theoretical approach to chemistry. The course introduces students to the practical aspects and basic concepts of chemistry including measurements, dimensional analysis, matter, energy, atoms, elements, the Periodic Chart, nuclear chemistry, chemical bonding, nomenclature, an introduction to organic chemistry, chemical quantities, formulas, gases, chemical calculations, balancing equations, solutions, acids and bases, chemical kinetics, and equilibrium. Coordinated laboratory exercises are intended to emphasize topics covered in the lecture as well as stress basic laboratory techniques.

Lecture Hours: 48 Lab Hours: 32

Pre-requisites: A minimum grade of 'C' in MAT063 Elementary Algebra OR appropriate placement score.

CSC110 Introduction to Computers

3 credits – An introductory course in electronic information processing and information system management designed to provide the students with a general understanding of computer hardware and software and the facility to use this knowledge in the creation and management of useful information. Students will be given hands-on experience with operating system, word processing, database management, presentation and spreadsheet software. Exposure to and use of the Internet, including security and privacy concerns, is an integral part of the course. Basic computer literacy is expected for students entering this course.

Lecture Hours: 48

Pre-requisites: The ability to enter data using a computer keyboard at a rate of no less than 15 words per minute on a three-minute timing.

A minimum grade of 'C' in RDG039 College Preparatory Reading II or appropriate Compass score.

Other Requirements: The ability to enter data using a computer keyboard at a rate of no less than 15 words per minute on a three-minute timing.

PSY111 Introduction to Psychology

3 credits – This course provides an introduction to the study of behavior with emphasis in the areas of learning, cognition, motivation, personality, behavioral disorder, therapy, and social influence. An understanding of the impact of both theoretical perspectives and experimental evidence on the formulation of the science of human behavior is also stressed. Psychological theories and principles are utilized to explain and predict behavior.

Lecture Hours: 48

REL101 Survey of World Religions

3 credits – This course is an introductory survey of world religions that have had major impact on world culture and civilization: Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and others. It will examine their cultural settings, sacred writings, key doctrines, central rituals, ethical values, and perspectives on gender roles.

Lecture Hours: 48

SOC110 Introduction to Sociology

3 credits – This course surveys the basic principles, concepts, and research findings of social life from small groups to societies. The course examines a range of sociological explanations for the various forms of social behaviors and establishes a basis for reflection and further study in the field.

Lecture Hours: 48

SOC135 Death and Dying

3 credits – This course provides a basic background on historical and contemporary perspectives on death and dying. Attention is given to current American practices regarding death as well as cross-cultural interpretation. Emphasis is also placed on the special situation of the terminally ill and bereaved.

Lecture Hours: 48

SOC205 Diversity in America

3 credits – This course is an introduction to the sociological study of majority-minority group relations. Focus will be on the basic concepts such as groups, intergroup relations, power, prejudice, and discrimination, as well as social understanding, tolerance, and acceptance. A wide assortment of minority groups, including women, racial, ethnic, the physically and mentally disabled, homosexuals, religious groups, the elderly and the young, and those singled out for their lower socio-economic status will be considered.

Lecture Hours: 48

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