Liberal Arts AA and AS Degrees

Emphasis Area – Media Studies Course Descriptions

Academic Year: 2015–2016

Media Studies Courses

COM140 Introduction to Mass Media

3 credits—This course presents elements of the mass communication process with emphasis on the forms, functions, regulations, and social impact of the various media. This course helps students understand how media influence their lives.

Lecture Hours: 48

2015–2016 Course Cost: $478.50

COM148 Diversity and the Media

3 credits—This course presents a historical perspective and a current analysis of various minority groups and how media depict these groups. This course helps students understand why and how stereotypical media portrayals have been produced and how the under-representation of diversified images affects their knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors toward others and contributes to multicultural illiteracy.

Lecture Hours: 48

2015–2016 Course Cost: $478.50

DRA107 Theatrical Arts and Society

3 credits—This course introduces students to a literary appreciation of drama throughout history. Emphasis will be on reading, discussing, and evaluating various plays representative of their era and genre along with discussion of live theatre, film and television performances, and how these kinds of dramatic narratives interrelate with societies of the past and present.

Lecture Hours: 48

2015–2016 Course Cost: $478.50

DRA110 Introduction to Film

3 credits—This is an introductory course-exploring cinema as art with an overview of film-making techniques. Emphasis is on watching movies and clips selected based on their demonstration of various techniques, artistic excellence, and genre. Narrative, documentary, experimental, and art films, including international films, will be viewed and analyzed.

Lecture Hours: 48

2015–2016 Course Cost: $478.50

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