Liberal Arts AA and AS Degrees

Emphasis Area – English and Literature Including Creative Writing Course Descriptions

Academic Year: 2015–2016

English and Literature Courses

COM763 Introduction to Professional Writing

3 credits—This course provides students with an introduction to professional writing; it overviews the role of writing as an important part of many careers, as well as part of an academic discipline. This course explores the issues, theories, resources and career opportunities in professional writing, as well as the use of technology to communicate and produce documents.

Lecture Hours: 32 Lab Hours: 32

Prerequisite(s): ENG105

2015–2016 Course Cost: $478.50

ENG221 Creative Writing

3 credits—A beginning course for students interested in writing poetry and short stories. The course involves discussion of selected texts by accomplished writers (creative and critical work), assignments designed to develop specific skills and techniques, class discussion of student work, and individual conferences. The semester will be roughly divided between the two genres. As a final project, students are expected to write one of the following: 1) A collection of at least six polished poems; 2) A major revision of a substantial short story.

Lecture Hours: 48

2015–2016 Course Cost: $478.50

HUM140 Shakespeare: Dramatist, Psychologist, Historian

3 credits—This course will include a study of several plays by William Shakespeare, including two tragedies, two histories, and two comedies. Study of these plays will start with an examination of the historical period, which provides both the context in which the plays were written and the settings within the plays. Focus will then shift to a dramatic analysis of recurring themes, ideas, characterizations, and psychological profiles. It will end with a discussion of the contributions of Shakespeare to Western civilization and humanity as a whole. Also taught as LIT 145.

Lecture Hours: 48

2015–2016 Course Cost: $478.50

LIT101 Introduction to Literature

3 credits—This course studies multiple literary forms and genres. Students will be introduced to literary terminology, analysis and interpretation of literature, and a variety of authors and literary styles. Instruction will emphasize the process of reading to develop and interpret meaning and classroom discussions encouraging students to share interpretations. Students will also respond to literature through informal and formal written assignments that foster skill in analysis and interpretation.

Lecture Hours: 48

Prerequisite(s): A minimum grade of D- in RDG040 ENG061.

2015–2016 Course Cost: $478.50

LIT133 Minority Voices in U.S. Literature

3 credits—This course will explore the issues and themes developed in the literature written by minority authors, often underrepresented in the traditional literary canon. We will focus on works by various dispossessed groups, including African-Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asians and women. Genre to be read will include short stories, poetry, and novels. Emphasis will be on the ideas and issues shared in common by the various silenced groups and the unique perspective of each. Class activities will build on students? skills in reading, discussing and writing about literature acquired in Introduction to Literature.

Lecture Hours: 48

Prerequisite(s): LIT101

2015–2016 Course Cost: $478.50

LIT189 Women and Literature

3 credits—Women and Literature examines the predominant ways in which women have been portrayed by both male and female writers. It will also focus on the effects these recurring images may have on expectations for real women.

Lecture Hours: 48

2015–2016 Course Cost: $478.50

LIT949 Special Topics in Literature

1 credits—This course will explore literature focused on a specific theme, genre, or author; introducing the specified topic and seeking to develop appreciation of the selected literature. Selected topics may include but are not limited to: detective fiction, science fiction, short stories, regional writers, or the work of a specific author.

May be taken for up to 3 credits.

Lecture Hours: 16

2015–2016 Course Cost: $159.50

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