Construction Equipment Operation

Construction Equipment Operation Courses

Award: Diploma
Required number of credits: 46
Enrollment Status: Full-time only
Program Start: Summer only

The Construction Equipment Operation program requires a mix of general education and hands-on courses. The following list of courses is the suggested sequence of study for a full-time student.

When registering for classes refer to your Program Evaluation to see your specific program requirements and ensure proper registration.

Before the start of classes you must have:

  • a valid driver’s license with a good driving record
  • a stable work history

During the first week of classes you must complete:

  • a DOT physical examination
  • a DOT drug test with negative results

2016–2017 Suggested Sequence of Study and Course Cost

Courses and course cost calculations are subject to change.

Semester 1 – Summer
HEQ100 Introduction to Construction Equipment Operation 1 $168.50
HEQ102 Preoperational Inspection 2 $487.00
HEQ104 Equipment Maintenance I 2 $337.00
HEQ105 Skid Steer Operation 3 $655.50
HEQ106 Compact Excavator Operation 3 $655.50
HEQ107 Wheel Loader Operation 2 $487.00

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Total Credits 13
Courses will meet for 12 weeks.
Semester 2 – Fall
CON108 Construction Safety 1 $168.50
CON131 Site Layout and Blueprint Reading 1 $168.50
HEQ108 Backhoe Operation 3 $655.50
HEQ109 All Terrain Lifts Operation 2 $487.00
HEQ114 Track Equipment Operation 3 $505.50
MAT772 Applied Math -OR- 3 $505.50
MAT110 Math for Liberal Arts -OR- 3 $505.50
COM781 Written Communication in the Workplace -OR- 3 $505.50
ENG105 Composition I -OR- 3 $505.50
COM730 Communications 3 $505.50
TDT126 Commercial License Preparation 3 $505.50
TDT128 Driving Skills Development 3 $1530.50

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Total Credits 19
Semester 3 – Spring
HEQ110 Support Equipment Operation 2 $487.00
HEQ111 Jobsite Certifications 4 $674.00
HEQ113 Equipment Maintenance II 3 $605.50
HEQ905 Workplace Experience 3 $505.50
TDT100 Interpersonal Relations 2 $337.00

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Total Credits 14
Courses will meet for the first 8 weeks and Workplace Experience will meet for the last 8 weeks of the semester.

Course Cost Calculation:
2016–2017 resident tuition and fees x course credits + course fee if applicable.

The course cost calculation does not include:

Program Contacts

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Dianne Lellig
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Program Advisor

Marty Kroenecke
Regional Transportation Training Center
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