Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating and Air Conditioning Course Descriptions

Award: Diploma
Academic Year: 2015–2016

Semester 1

ELT139 Electrical Systems

3 credits—Students will gain knowledge and hands-on experience in DC and AC circuits and principles, electrical measurement instruments, electrical safety, conductor sizes and types, wiring applications, wiring techniques, and troubleshooting.

Lecture Hours: 16 Lab Hours: 64

Pre/Co-requisite(s): MAT772

2015–2016 Course Cost: $513.50

ELT149 Advanced Electrical Systems

2 credits—This class stresses electrical distribution systems, electrical transformers, AC and DC motor theory, operation and repair, motor testing and sizing procedures, manual and magnetic starters, and motor overload protection. Specific topics will include types of electrical distribution systems, transformer theory and operation, electrical safety related to motor systems, lockout/ tagout techniques, use of motor testing devices, and construction, sizing, and installation of motor overload devices. Extensive laboratory exercises will enhance classroom studies.

Lecture Hours: 16 Lab Hours: 32

Pre/Co-requisite(s): ELT139

2015–2016 Course Cost: $319.00

HCR110 Residential Forced Air Heating Systems

2 credits—This course presents application of energy sources and equipment as they apply to heating, ventilation, air humidification, and filtration systems.

Lecture Hours: 16 Lab Hours: 32

2015–2016 Course Cost: $694.00

HCR265 Applied Practices I

5 credits—This course provides students with practice in servicing and repair of the equipment in the H.V.A.C.R. lab to develop basic proficiency.

Lab Hours: 240

2015–2016 Course Cost: $2197.50

IND181 Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning

2 credits—The Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC) course will introduce students to the environmental function control of temperature, moisture content, air quality and air circulation in a conditioned space. Our labs allow the learner to view and examine various types of HVAC systems with respect to installation, components, and characteristics.

Lecture Hours: 16 Lab Hours: 32

2015–2016 Course Cost: $319.00

MAT772 Applied Math -OR-

3 credits—This course is designed to present basic facts of arithmetic including whole numbers, fractions, decimals, powers, roots, English and metric measurement, ratio-proportion, percents, introduction to algebra, and introduction to geometry. Instruction includes use of scientific hand-held calculators and emphasis placed on critical thinking, problem solving skills.

Lecture Hours: 48

2015–2016 Course Cost: $478.50

Math Elective 3 credits

Semester 2

HCR113 Boiler Fundamentals

2 credits—This class informs students of the concepts, terms, and the major components of steam systems. Topics include the basic steam heating cycle. Also covered in this course are the safety procedures necessary when working on low-pressure steam boilers and systems. Students will be able to install and maintain specific steam straps and recognize the common piping configurations used with steam heating systems.

Lecture Hours: 32

Co-requisite(s): HCR414, HCR275, and HCR516

2015–2016 Course Cost: $319.00

HCR275 Applied Practices II

5 credits—This course provides students with opportunities to apply the theory to practice to be come proficient in the service and repair of the equipment in the H.V.A.C.R. lab area.

Lab Hours: 240

Prerequisite(s): HCR414 and HCR516

2015–2016 Course Cost: $797.50

HCR414 Controls for HVACR

4 credits—This course presents a more advanced study of electrical controls and their applications, an introduction electronics and the controls used in the H.V.A.C.R. systems.

Lecture Hours: 64

Prerequisite(s): ELT139 and ELT149

2015–2016 Course Cost: $638.00

HCR516 HVACR Systems II

6 credits—This course presents a continuing and advanced study of systems used in heating, ventilation, air cooling and refrigeration.

Lecture Hours: 96

Co-requisite(s): HCR275 and HCR414

2015–2016 Course Cost: $1062.00

HCR852 Operation Strategies

2 credits—This course presents customer relations and principles of successful business techniques. The job search and interview process will also be covered.

Lecture Hours: 32

Prerequisite(s): IND181 and HCR110

2015–2016 Course Cost: $391.00

Semester 3

HCR127 Hydronic Heating Systems

2 credits—To provide experiences in the operation, layout, and selection, and troubleshooting of residential and light commercial boilers.

Lecture Hours: 16

Co-requisite(s): HCR429, HCR602, HCR852, and HCR912

2015–2016 Course Cost: $319.00

HCR429 HVAC App Controls w/Automated Systems

2 credits—This course is a study of electronic controls and circuitry systems for H.V.A.C.R.

Lecture Hours: 32

Co-requisite(s): HCR127, HCR602, HCR852, and HCR912

2015–2016 Course Cost: $319.00

HCR602 HVACR Systems III

2 credits—This course presents alternative application of energy sources and equipment as they apply to heating, ventilation, air-cooling and refrigeration systems.

Lecture Hours: 32

Prerequisite(s): HCR516

Co-requisite(s): HCR429 and HCR912

2015–2016 Course Cost: $319.00

HCR912 HVACR Field Experience

2 credits—This course places students in professional settings for experiences in the Heating, Cooling and Air-Conditioning trades. Emphasis is given to observation of and participation in: troubleshooting, installation document preparation, and business practices.

Co-op Hours: 128

Prerequisite(s): All first and second semester program courses and a current program 2.00 cumulative GPA.

Co-requisite(s): HCR429 and HCR602

2015–2016 Course Cost: $319.00

Math Electives

MAT110 Math for Liberal Arts

3 credits—This is a one semester, liberal arts mathematics course that satisfies the minimum general education requirement for math. The course is designed to impart math skills which are helpful in everyday life as well as to expose students to areas of mathematics they may not have seen before. Topics include problem-solving skills, set theory, algebra, consumer mathematics, probability, and statistics. Other topics may be included.

Lecture Hours: 48

Prerequisite(s): A minimum grade of C- in MAT063 or equivalent COMPASS score.

2015–2016 Course Cost: $478.50

MAT122 College Algebra

5 credits—Begins a two semester sequence to prepare students for the calculus sequence. The central theme is the concept of functions, their properties, graphs and applications. Functions studied include polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions.

Lecture Hours: 80

Prerequisite(s): MAT102 or equivalent COMPASS score.

2015–2016 Course Cost: $797.50

MAT128 Precalculus

4 credits—This one-semester pre-calculus course is intended for the student with a solid algebra background who intends to take calculus. It is also beneficial (but not required) for the student to have a background in trigonometry. The course will emphasize functions using an analytical, numerical, and graphical approach. The student will study linear, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions along with their applications.

Lecture Hours: 64

Prerequisite(s): Appropriate placement scores

2015–2016 Course Cost: $638.00

MAT134 Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry

3 credits—The second course of a two-semester pre-calculus sequence. Topics include trigonometry and applications, vectors, analytic geometry, and polar and parametric equations.

Lecture Hours: 48

Prerequisite(s): MAT122 or equivalent COMPASS score.

2015–2016 Course Cost: $478.50

MAT156 Statistics

3 credits—This course is a study of descriptive statistics including graphical representation, central tendency, correlation and regression, intuitive treatment of probability and inferential statistics including hypothesis testing.

Lecture Hours: 48

Prerequisite(s): MAT063

2015–2016 Course Cost: $478.50

MAT210 Calculus I

4 credits—The first in a calculus sequence, this course covers topics including functions and their graphs, limits, derivatives, applications of the derivative, and integrals.

Lecture Hours: 64

Prerequisite(s): A minimum grade of C- in MAT134 or MAT128 or appropriate placement scores.

2015–2016 Course Cost: $638.00

MAT216 Calculus II

4 credits—A continuation of MAT-210, this course covers topics including integration techniques, applications of integration, infinite series, conic sections, parametric and polar equations.

Lecture Hours: 64

Prerequisite(s): A minimum grade of C- in MAT210.

2015–2016 Course Cost: $638.00

MAT219 Calculus III

4 credits—This course covers topics including integration and differentiation techniques related to vectors, vector-valued functions, functions of several variables, multiple integration, and vector analysis.

Lecture Hours: 64

Prerequisite(s): MAT216

2015–2016 Course Cost: $638.00

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