Marketing Management

Marketing Management Careers

Graduates work as assistant managers or managers in marketing, sales, promotion, distribution services, and procurement positions in wholesale, manufacturing, retail, service, and financial businesses.

Graduates may work in small companies, utilizing a broad range of skills and doing a wide variety of tasks, or in large companies in specialized positions.

Starting Wages: $24,000 - $37,100 per year*

*Source: Iowa Workforce Development

Iowa Workforce Development forecasts more than 655 job openings each year for entry-level managers through 2022. Graduates may earn a salary, work on commission, or earn a combination of salary and commission.

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VGM Group Waterloo, IA
Hy-Vee, Inc. West Des Moines, IA
GEICO Coralville, IA
John Deere Waterloo, IA
PDCM Insurance Waterloo, IA
CBE Group Waterloo, IA

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