Legal Office Assistant

Legal Office Assistant Course Descriptions

Award: Associate of Applied Science (AAS)


ACC115 Introduction to Accounting

4 credits – This course presents the fundamental concepts, procedures, and applications of the accounting cycle for service and merchandising businesses. The proprietorship form of ownership is studied. Topics include the special journals, payroll accounting, and accounting for cash.

Lecture Hours: 64

ACC131 Principles of Accounting I

4 credits – This course is an introduction to basic financial accounting concepts and procedures for service and merchandising businesses. Topics included are the accounting cycle; accounting systems; financial statements; and accounting for cash, receivables, payables, inventories, plant assets; partnerships and corporations.

Lecture Hours: 64

ADM105 Introduction to Keyboarding

1 credit – This course presents the technique and development of touch keyboarding. Basic functions of a computer are introduced with emphasis on learning alphabetic, numeric and symbolic keys, and the numeric keypad. The minimum competency of 25 net words per minute, with no more than five errors per timing, on three five-minute timed writings is required.

Lecture Hours: 0 Lab Hours: 32

ADM108 Keyboarding Skill Development

1 credit – The skill building process is continued. This course assists students to improve speed and accuracy. The minimum competency of 40 net words per minute, with no more than five errors per timing, on 3 five-minute timed writings is required.

Lecture Hours: 0 Lab Hours: 32

Pre-requisites: A minimum grade of D- in ADM105 Introduction to Keyboarding.

ADM131 Office Calculators

1 credit – The 10-key electronic calculator is used in business related applications. The emphasis is on speed and accuracy as the student performs the basic arithmetical procedures.

Lecture Hours: 0 Lab Hours: 32

ADM148 Transcription

2 credits – This course builds and strengthens skills in machine transcription. Students are provided instruction for using transcription equipment with emphasis on language skills, including spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and word usage. Emphasis will be on editing, proofreading, and mailability of documents.

Lecture Hours: 16 Lab Hours: 32

Pre-requisites: A minimum grade of D- in BCA134 Word Processing and ADM105 Introduction to Keyboarding.

Co-requisites: A minimum grade of D- in ADM159 Proofreading and Editing.

ADM159 Proofreading and Editing

3 credits – This course emphasizes the applications designed to sharpen skills in detecting and correcting errors in written communications including memos, letters, reports, databases, presentation slides, advertisements, and spreadsheets. It also introduces the student to proofreading and editing skills necessary when using current and new technology (i.e. email messages and voice recognition).

Lecture Hours: 48

ADM180 Administrative Management

3 credits – Administrative management is studied including organization, site location, office layout, environment, communication processes, job analysis, job evaluation, salary administration, performance appraisal, and employer/employee relations.

Lecture Hours: 48

Pre-requisites: ADM108 Keyboarding Skill Development

ADM200 Legal Document Processing

3 credits – This course familiarizes students with various fields of law and the proper preparation of legal documents utilized in each. Students will apply various skills in preparing legal documents, including transcription skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and technical skills.

Lecture Hours: 48

Pre-requisites: ADM105 Introduction to Keyboarding and BCA134 Word Processing and ADM148 Transcription

ADM203 Legal Office Concepts and Procedures

3 credits – This course provides an understanding of the legal office environment, offers a broad spectrum of legal concepts and procedures, and presents legal documents by fields of law.

Lecture Hours: 48

Pre-requisites: BCA134 Word Processing

ADM208 Legal Terminology

3 credits РThis course is designed to familiarize students with the most commonly used legal terms in today’s workplace. It emphasizes correct spelling and defining of legal terms.

Lecture Hours: 48

ADM222 Career Capstone

3 credits – Career skills, techniques, and strategies that will assist the student in securing and maintaining employment are developed. Students will learn the fundamentals of the job search process, including interviewing skills and employment correspondence. International, legal, and ethical issues as well as technological developments affecting workplace communication skills are incorporated throughout the course. An individual capstone portfolio will be created. It is required that this course be taken the semester in which the student will be graduating.

Lecture Hours: 48

Other Requirements: This course can only be taken in the term in which the student will be completing their program of study.

2015–2016 Course Fee: $35.00

BCA132 Electronic Communications

3 credits – An introductory course in electronic communications designed to provide the students with a basic understanding of electronic mail, presentation software, and desktop publishing software. Students will be given hands-on experience with the software.

Lecture Hours: 48

Pre-requisites: CSC110 Introduction to Computers or ADM105 Introduction to Keyboarding and BCA134 Word Processing

BCA134 Word Processing

3 credits – This course will provide word processing concepts, terminology, and experience producing entry-level and advanced documents found in typical business offices. The major focus of the course is on mastery of word processing functions and concepts.

Lecture Hours: 48

Co-requisites: ADM105 Introduction to Keyboarding

BCA205 Database/Spreadsheets

3 credits – This course emphasizes file management and learning to generate and format spreadsheets and databases. File management tasks include managing folders and moving, copying, and deleting files. Spreadsheet tasks include making entries, correcting entries, entering formulas, and creating charts. Database tasks include designing and creating tables, generating queries, creating forms and reports, and database maintenance. Basic computer literacy is expected of students enrolling in this course.

Lecture Hours: 48

Pre-requisites: Appropriate math placement score;
A minimum grade of 'C' in RDG039 College Preparatory Reading II or appropriate compass score

Co-requisites: Ability to type 15 net words per minute on a five-minute timing. Test will be given on the first day of class.

BCA213 Intermediate Computer Business Applications

3 credits – This course covers advanced computer applications including word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software. Topics include using mail merge, desktop publishing, using database functions in a spreadsheet, templates, creating customized reports and forms in database, advanced features of presentation software, importing and exporting data.

Lecture Hours: 48

Pre-requisites: BCA205 Database/Spreadsheets and BCA134 Word Processing

BUS180 Business Ethics

3 credits – This course is an introduction to ethical decision making in business. There is an examination of individual, organizational, and macro level issues in business ethics. This course does not determine correct ethical action; it is designed to assist the potential businessperson to make more informed ethical decisions on a daily basis. Dilemmas, real life situations, and cases provide an opportunity for you to use concepts in the assignments and to resolve ethical issues. Since there is no universal agreement on the correct ethical business norms critical thinking and informed decision making are emphasized.

Lecture Hours: 48

BUS183 Business Law

3 credits – An introduction to the principles of law as they relate to business. This course includes an overview of our court system, sources of law, ethics and social responsibility, contracts, warranties, real property, landlord and tenant, negotiable instruments, and agency. Emphasis is placed on exploring the law as it affects businesses and individuals.

Lecture Hours: 48

BUS903 Business Field Experience

3 credits – This course provides students with the opportunity to gain practical work experience, while applying skills and techniques learned in their program of study, under the supervision of an employer, manager, or supervisor.

Lecture Hours: 0 Co-op Hours: 192

Other Requirements: 2.00 cumulative GPA

CRJ100 Introduction to Criminal Justice

3 credits – This course examines the day-to-day operation of criminal justice in our society. Emphasis is on the inter-relationships of the components of law enforcement, the courts, corrections, and the juvenile justice system.

Lecture Hours: 48

ENG105 Composition I

3 credits – This course emphasizes fluency, thesis-driven organization, the use of supporting details, and research techniques. Writing is approached as a recursive process that includes prewriting strategies, drafting, revising, and editing. The course helps students shape writing to serve readers' needs and define a sense of purpose in their writing. It also gives students strategies for reading college-level material.

Lecture Hours: 48

MAT110 Math for Liberal Arts

3 credits – This is a one semester liberal arts mathematics course that satisfies the minimum general education requirement for math. The course is designed to impart math skills which are helpful in everyday life as well as to expose students to areas of mathematics they may not have seen before. Topics include problem-solving skills, set theory, algebra, consumer mathematics, probability, and statistics. Other topics may be included.

Lecture Hours: 48

Pre-requisites: MAT063 Elementary Algebra or equivalent COMPASS score

MAT122 College Algebra

5 credits – Begins a two semester sequence to prepare students for the calculus sequence. The central theme is the concept of functions, their properties, graphs and applications. Functions studied include polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions.

Lecture Hours: 80

Pre-requisites: MAT102 Intermediate Algebra or equivalent COMPASS score

MAT128 Precalculus

4 credits – This one-semester pre-calculus course is intended for the student with a solid algebra background who intends to take calculus. It is also beneficial (but not required) for the student to have a background in trigonometry. The course will emphasize functions using an analytical, numerical, and graphical approach. The student will study linear, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions along with their applications.

Lecture Hours: 64

Pre-requisites: Appropriate Placement Test Scores: ACT Math Score of 25 OR Compass Score of 51-100 in the College Algebra Domain or 31-50 in the Trigonometry Domain.

Other Requirements: Successful completion (C or better) of three years of high school mathematics including two years of algebra and one year of geometry and/or trigonometry, or appropriate mathematics placement score.

MAT134 Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry

3 credits – This course is the second course of a two-semester pre-calculus sequence. Topics include trigonometry and applications, vectors, analytic geometry, and polar and parametric equations.

Lecture Hours: 48

Pre-requisites: MAT122 College Algebra

MAT156 Statistics

3 credits – This course is a study of descriptive statistics including graphical representation, central tendency, correlation and regression, intuitive treatment of probability, and inferential statistics including hypothesis testing.

Lecture Hours: 48

Pre-requisites: MAT063 Elementary Algebra or appropriate placement score.

MAT210 Calculus I

4 credits – This course is the first in a calculus sequence. The course covers topics including functions and their graphs, limits, derivatives and applications of differentiation, and integrals.

Lecture Hours: 64

Pre-requisites: MAT134 Trigonometry & Analytic Geometry and three years of high school mathematics including trigonometry

MAT216 Calculus II

4 credits – This course is a continuation of MAT-210 Calculus I. The course covers topics including integration techniques related to surface areas and volumes, infinite series, conic sections, parametric equations, and polar coordinates.

Lecture Hours: 64

Pre-requisites: MAT210 Calculus I or equivalent

MAT219 Calculus III

4 credits – This course is a continuation of MAT-216 Calculus II. The course covers topics including integration and differentiation techniques related to vectors, vector-valued functions, functions of several variables, multiple integration, and vector analysis.

Lecture Hours: 64

Pre-requisites: MAT216 Calculus II or equivalent

MAT772 Applied Math

3 credits – This course is designed to present basic facts of arithmetic including whole numbers, fractions, decimals, powers, roots, English and metric measurement, ratio-proportion, percents, introduction to algebra, and introduction to geometry. Instruction includes use of scientific hand-held calculators and emphasis placed on critical thinking, problem solving skills.

Lecture Hours: 48

PSY102 Human and Work Relations

3 credits – This course studies self and social behavior. Emphasis is placed on the understanding and application of social science theories and research for the development of effective interpersonal and organizational relationships.

Lecture Hours: 48

PSY111 Introduction to Psychology

3 credits – This course provides an introduction to the study of behavior with emphasis in the areas of learning, cognition, motivation, personality, behavioral disorder, therapy, and social influence. An understanding of the impact of both theoretical perspectives and experimental evidence on the formulation of the science of human behavior is also stressed. Psychological theories and principles are utilized to explain and predict behavior.

Lecture Hours: 48

SOC110 Introduction to Sociology

3 credits – This course surveys the basic principles, concepts, and research findings of social life from small groups to societies. The course examines a range of sociological explanations for the various forms of social behaviors and establishes a basis for reflection and further study in the field.

Lecture Hours: 48

SPC101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication

3 credits – This course presents elements of the oral communications process with emphasis in developing public speaking skill. Students will be involved in activities that provide opportunity for the understanding and improvement of their oral communication skills.

Lecture Hours: 48

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