Golf Course and Country Club Management

Golf Course and Country Club Management Course Descriptions

Award: Associate of Applied Science (AAS)


ACC115 Introduction to Accounting

4 credits – This course presents the fundamental concepts, procedures, and applications of the accounting cycle for service and merchandising businesses. The proprietorship form of ownership is studied. Topics include the special journals, payroll accounting, and accounting for cash.

Lecture Hours: 64

ACC131 Principles of Accounting I

4 credits – This course is an introduction to basic financial accounting concepts and procedures for service and merchandising businesses. Topics included are the accounting cycle; accounting systems; financial statements; and accounting for cash, receivables, payables, inventories, plant assets; partnerships and corporations.

Lecture Hours: 64

AGA376 Integrated Pest Management

3 credits – This course is designed to make application and use of some materials learned in other courses. Decision making as it deals with the total cropping plan is stressed. An individual will determine from observation weed problems, plant populations, disease problems, insect problems, and do yield checks to make recommendations for handling any problems.

Lecture Hours: 32 Lab Hours: 32

AGH112 Introduction to Turfgrass Management

3 credits – This course introduces the types of grass species and their uses; their growth habits, and development as a unique plant species. Proper culture and establishment procedures are studied, as well as their importance to the environment.

Lecture Hours: 48

AGH140 Equipment Operations

2 credits – This course introduces the general care and use of horticultural equipment in turf and landscape maintenance and construction. Emphasis is on operation, preventative maintenance performed by the operator, daily lubrications, and minor adjustments. Students will also mount and dismount accessories used on the equipment. Safe operation of machinery is emphasized.

Lecture Hours: 16 Lab Hours: 32

AGH143 Equipment Repair

3 credits – This course is an introduction to basic maintenance of mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems of gasoline and diesel engines. Maintenance, up-keep, and repair techniques on reel mowers, rotary mowers, and other horticulture equipment are covered.

Lecture Hours: 32 Lab Hours: 32

2015–2016 Course Fee: $15.00

AGH161 Irrigation Systems

3 credits – This course presents various types of irrigation equipment: heads, valves, controllers, pipe, and the accessories used in an irrigation system. The course presents the function of water, its relationships to plants and soil, and an introduction to water hydraulics.

Lecture Hours: 32 Lab Hours: 32

AGH211 Advanced Turfgrass Management

3 credits – This course provides opportunities for students to learn techniques of golf course management and operation. Proper construction of specific golf course areas such as: greens, trees, bunkers, basic golf course design is presented. Budgets, irrigation, maintenance and an integrated pest management program are presented.

Lecture Hours: 48

2015–2016 Course Fee: $35.00

AGH425 Grounds Maintenance

3 credits – This course introduces basic maintenance practices used on a golf course; golf course etiquette, procedures such as top dressing, aerifying, mowing, verticutting, fertilizing, watering, and changing cups on a green. The course introduces maintenance practices used in sports complexes, parks and recreation areas, and commercial and industrial grounds.

Lecture Hours: 32 Lab Hours: 32

BUS183 Business Law

3 credits – An introduction to the principles of law as they relate to business. This course includes an overview of our court system, sources of law, ethics and social responsibility, contracts, warranties, real property, landlord and tenant, negotiable instruments, and agency. Emphasis is placed on exploring the law as it affects businesses and individuals.

Lecture Hours: 48

BUS905 Golf Course Internship

1 credit – Students will intern at golf courses and country clubs throughout the region and state, focusing on internal and external operations of the course/club.

Lecture Hours: 0 Co-op Hours: 64

Pre-requisites: A minimum grade of C- in MGT222 Golf Club Operations.

BUS905 Golf Course Internship

3 credits – Students will intern at golf courses and country clubs throughout the region and state, focusing on internal and external operations of the course/club.

Lecture Hours: 0 Co-op Hours: 192

Pre-requisites: A minimum grade of C- in MGT222 Golf Club Operations.

COM781 Written Communication in the Workplace

3 credits – This course focuses on composition and editing of curriculum-specific technical and business-related writing projects. Instruction includes formatting, information gathering, document drafting, editing, and written employment strategies.

Lecture Hours: 48

ENG105 Composition I

3 credits – This course emphasizes fluency, thesis-driven organization, the use of supporting details, and research techniques. Writing is approached as a recursive process that includes prewriting strategies, drafting, revising, and editing. The course helps students shape writing to serve readers' needs and define a sense of purpose in their writing. It also gives students strategies for reading college-level material.

Lecture Hours: 48

HCM100 Sanitation and Safety

2 credits – Studies basic principles of bacteriology, food borne illness, sanitation, workplace safety, personal hygiene, food security, health regulations and inspections. Emphasizes the importance of sanitary equipment and facilities, and pest control. Students must complete the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation certification exam to pass this course.

Lecture Hours: 32

HCM242 Event Planning and Customer Service

2 credits – This course will cover all aspects of event planning and customer service relating to the restaurant and hospitality fields. Student will engage in a hands on learning experience of dealing with real life customers and planning events such as company parties, graduations, and wedding receptions.

Lecture Hours: 32

HCM602 Introduction to Food and Bar Operations

3 credits – Focuses on the management of food and beverage operations in lodging establishments. Includes stewarding, banquets, restaurant, beverage and room service. Prepares students for internships in lodging operations.

Lecture Hours: 48

Pre-requisites: A minimum grade of D- in HCM608 Introduction to Hospitality.

HCM608 Introduction to Hospitality

3 credits – Introduction to the food service, lodging, and tourism components of the hospitality industry. Background information, current issues, resume writing, and future challenges in various segments of the industry.

Lecture Hours: 48

MAT110 Math for Liberal Arts

3 credits – This is a one semester liberal arts mathematics course that satisfies the minimum general education requirement for math. The course is designed to impart math skills which are helpful in everyday life as well as to expose students to areas of mathematics they may not have seen before. Topics include problem-solving skills, set theory, algebra, consumer mathematics, probability, and statistics. Other topics may be included.

Lecture Hours: 48

Pre-requisites: MAT063 Elementary Algebra or equivalent COMPASS score

MAT156 Statistics

3 credits – This course is a study of descriptive statistics including graphical representation, central tendency, correlation and regression, intuitive treatment of probability, and inferential statistics including hypothesis testing.

Lecture Hours: 48

Pre-requisites: MAT063 Elementary Algebra or appropriate placement score.

MAT772 Applied Math

3 credits – This course is designed to present basic facts of arithmetic including whole numbers, fractions, decimals, powers, roots, English and metric measurement, ratio-proportion, percents, introduction to algebra, and introduction to geometry. Instruction includes use of scientific hand-held calculators and emphasis placed on critical thinking, problem solving skills.

Lecture Hours: 48

MGT101 Principles of Management

3 credits – This course is a study of current theory and practice of leading a complex business organization toward the accomplishment of organizational objectives.

Lecture Hours: 48

MGT110 Small Business Management

3 credits – This course is a study of current theory and practices in creating and running a small business. The course includes the study of management functions as well as a discussion of business startup, including the creation of a business plan.

Lecture Hours: 48

MGT170 Human Resource Management

3 credits – This course is a study of the theory, principles, concepts and practices of developing and utilizing personnel within business organizations.

Lecture Hours: 48

MGT222 Golf Club Operations

3 credits – Students will study strategic, tactical, and operational practices regarding golf courses. Key determinants as to why some golf courses are successful and others struggle.

Lecture Hours: 48

MKT110 Principles of Marketing

3 credits – This course is an overview of the processes, problems, and activities associated with the planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges.

Lecture Hours: 48

MKT140 Principles of Selling

3 credits – Planned learning activities and experiences emphasize the psychology of selling, the selling process, sales techniques, and selling as a professional career.

Lecture Hours: 48

MKT142 Consumer Behavior

3 credits – This course is the course within a marketing curriculum that most directly applies concepts, principles, and theories from the various social sciences to the study of the factors that influence the acquisition, consumption, and disposition of products, services, and ideas.

Lecture Hours: 48

MKT152 Advertising and Visual Merchandising

3 credits – This course presents the fundamentals of advertising and visual merchandising as promotional tools. It incorporates the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) concept.

Lecture Hours: 48

MKT198 Sports Marketing

3 credits – This course will explain the basics of sports marketing, research, and delivery.

Lecture Hours: 48

MMS117 Social Media for Business

3 credits – This course examines using social media outlets for promoting and doing business. The course will investigate issues and strategies related to social media environments, customer relationships, marketing, managing your communication, sustainability and what social media may look like in the future.

Lecture Hours: 48

PSY102 Human and Work Relations

3 credits – This course studies self and social behavior. Emphasis is placed on the understanding and application of social science theories and research for the development of effective interpersonal and organizational relationships.

Lecture Hours: 48

PSY111 Introduction to Psychology

3 credits – This course provides an introduction to the study of behavior with emphasis in the areas of learning, cognition, motivation, personality, behavioral disorder, therapy, and social influence. An understanding of the impact of both theoretical perspectives and experimental evidence on the formulation of the science of human behavior is also stressed. Psychological theories and principles are utilized to explain and predict behavior.

Lecture Hours: 48

SOC110 Introduction to Sociology

3 credits – This course surveys the basic principles, concepts, and research findings of social life from small groups to societies. The course examines a range of sociological explanations for the various forms of social behaviors and establishes a basis for reflection and further study in the field.

Lecture Hours: 48

SPC101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication

3 credits – This course presents elements of the oral communications process with emphasis in developing public speaking skill. Students will be involved in activities that provide opportunity for the understanding and improvement of their oral communication skills.

Lecture Hours: 48


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