Natural Resources Management

Natural Resources Management – Certificate Courses

Award: Certificate
Program Start: Fall, Spring
Enrollment Status: Full-time or part-time

The following list of courses is from the current catalog year, organized in the suggested sequence of study for a full-time student, and is subject to change.

Part-time students, visit with a program advisor for a modified sequence of study.

If you are a current student your program requirements may be different than those listed for the current catalog year. View your Program Evaluation to see your specific program requirements and to search and register for classes.

Semester 1
AGC103 Ag Computer -OR- 3
Any 3 credit course * 3
CNS107 Outdoor Recreation Techniques 1
CNS108 Wildlife Identification 3
CNS121 Environmental Conservation 3
CNS204 Native Vegetation 3

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Total Credits 13
* Select any 3 credit course. This course is included in tech core and is not considered part of your 12 credits of general education requirements toward your degree.


Program Contacts

Department Secretary

Dianne Lellig
Butler Hall 104
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Program Advisor

Terri Rogers
Bremer Hall 101-G
319-296-2329 ext.1311
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Ray Beets
Butler Hall 104-A
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