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Global Agriculture Learning Center

The Global Agriculture Learning Center is focused on educating and bringing agriculturists together from around the world. We are dedicated to creating professionals in agriculture with a global sense through applied learning for greater understanding and production practices of food, fiber, and fuel for our growing world.

Located in Waterloo, Iowa, USA

Hawkeye Community College is located in Waterloo, Iowa, USA, in the heart of agriculture production.

Iowa’s rich soils, ideal weather for crop production, transportation infrastructure, and many other factors make Iowa and the Cedar Valley a great place to produce agriculture commodities.

Iowa ranks number one, or at the top, in many areas of agriculture commodity production. Hawkeye's Farm Lab has the facilities, equipment, and land to host many applied learning events for our students as well as agriculture professionals from around the globe.

The Global Agriculture Learning Center is open to students, agriculture professionals, industry, and educators around the globe!

Upcoming Events

World Food Prize October 16-19, 2013
National Association of Agricultural Educators Conference December 3-7, 2013
Student Study Abroad to Brazil March 2014
Iowa FFA Conference April 2014
Online Agribusiness Course April and May 2014
Ag Educators Study Abroad June 2014
Crop Production Practices Course August 2014


Crop Production Practices

Participants will gain general knowledge in Crop Production Practices with an emphasis in Precision Agriculture. Course time will be split between touring and hands-on learning. Students will interact with global positioning systems, geographic information mapping systems, remote sensing, soil sampling, intelligent devices and implements, and different growing practices. There will be an emphasis on integrating management practices using precision agriculture and crop production techniques.

Date: August 18-22, 2014
Location: Hawkeye Community College Farm Lab
Optional touring and time at the Farm Progress Show: August 23-28, 2014
Cost: TBA

American Agribusiness

Focus on agriculture and agribusiness practices in the United States and Iowa. Topics covered will range from the history of agriculture in the United States to current practices to management principles. Course will include discussions with professionals in the agribusiness industry from the United States.

Date: April 14-May 16, 2014
Location: Online course
Cost: TBA

Global Agriculture Learning Center

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