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PSEO Courses

The Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program allows eligible high school students to expand their academic course offerings by taking college-level courses. PSEO courses are paid for by your high school.


PSEO courses are open to 11th and 12th grade students who have not met high school graduation requirements and 9th and 10th grade students identified as talented and gifted through their local district. Students who receive private instruction are eligible to take college courses. You must meet Hawkeye’s course requirements for any course requiring prerequisites or placement scores.

You may not take a course which is "comparable" to a course at your high school.

A "comparable" course is one offered by:

  • the school district you attend
  • the accredited nonpublic school you attend
  • the school district in which the accredited nonpublic district you attend is located

Number of classes

You may take up to 23 credits at Hawkeye per academic year (Fall and Spring semesters). Visit with your high school counselor or contact the Admissions office for a list of available classes.


You will earn both high school credit and college credit for the courses taken. Your high school will determine the amount of high school credit awarded. After successful completion a class, it will be recorded on your high school and Hawkeye transcripts. If you are attending a college other than Hawkeye after graduation, contact that college to be sure your Hawkeye courses will transfer.


Your high school or school district will pay for the cost of tuition, textbooks, materials, and fees. You or your family will be responsible for the cost of transportation to and from class, field trips, and other out-of-class activities. If you do not pass a course, you or your family are responsible for all tuition and fees.

How to Enroll in PSEO Courses

These steps must be completed by May 30 for the Fall Semester and/or November 30 for the Spring Semester. Registrations submitted after that date will be approved on an individual basis.

  1. Schedule your required high school courses.
  2. Meet with your guidance counselor to determine which college classes you can take.
  3. Complete the PSEO Application for Admission if you have not taken courses at Hawkeye before.

  4. Have your guidance counselor and parent/guardian sign the PSEO Registration form [pdf].
    1. Have your high school send your transcripts and your ACT scores. If you have not taken the ACT, you may take the COMPASS assessment at Hawkeye You must meet Hawkeye's admission and course requirements as shown below.

      Reading English Math
      All Courses (except Math) ACCUPLACER 76 82 NA
      ACT 19 19 NA
      COMPASS 82 65 NA
      Stats and Math for Liberal Arts ACCUPLACER NA NA Elementary Algebra: 85 -OR-
      College Level Math: 40
      ACT NA NA 19
      COMPASS NA NA 42 (Alg)
      Calculus ACT NA NA College Level Math: 80
      ACT NA NA 27
      COMPASS NA NA 51 (Trig)
  5. Attend a CollegeNow! registration session. On the day of the session bring:
    • Your completed PSEO enrollment form with the signatures of your high school counselor and parent/guardian and selected classes.
    • Your current transcript including ACT and/or COMPASS scores.
  6. Access your My Hawkeye account to view your course schedule and Hawkeye student email. You will receive an email confirming your course registration and other important information.


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