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Jordan Meyer

Jordan Meyer, a junior at East Buchanan High School, is taking full advantage of the opportunity to earn college credit by taking classes at Hawkeye’s Independence Center. Referred to as dual-enrollment, these classes enable students like Jordan to begin fulfilling the general education requirements of a college degree, while still in high school. Considering the cost of tuition, students (and parents) are excited about the chance to earn college credit without the associated price tag.

Enrolled in classes such as Sociology, Psychology, Composition I and II, Jordan commented, “Although the work is a little more difficult than most high school classes, I enjoy the challenge and feel that I really grasp the information.” Jordan credits her parents for their support. “They push me to try my hardest not only academically, but in my other activities like volleyball and softball.”

Jordan witnessed first-hand, the benefits of dual-enrollment as her sister began at UNI with many of her general education requirements behind her. “My sister has been a role model for me and has set an example of working hard to get good grades. The college-level classes she took in high school helped her acclimate to the academic challenges of college life. I hope they’ll do the same for me.”

Although most high school students are aware of the opportunity to dual-enroll, many don’t do it. Some are concerned that it would be too difficult to juggle along with their current high school course load. Record enrollment numbers show that although it’s not for everybody – dual-enrollment has become a viable option for many students across northeast Iowa.

For Jordan, college is on the horizon and although she is uncertain as to a specific area of study, she did express an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects and wants to stay close to home. Her advice regarding dual-enrollment? “I think everyone should take the opportunity to enroll in college-level classes, as long as it doesn’t become too overwhelming…it really helps to get ahead.”
Taking Hawkeye classes at the Independence Center has been a great way for me to get a jump on college credit!



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