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Office Technology Academy

Are you organized, with great attention to detail? The Office Technology Academy gives you a chance to explore a career in the business field while earning college credit before you graduate from high school! This academy will give you hands-on experience with keyboarding, accounting, word processing, spreadsheets, and databases.

Career Opportunities

Careers in Office Technology are in high-demand, with 440 job openings for Office Managers and Administrative workers forecast through 2020. Starting wages for these positions range from $30,000 - $42,000 per year.*

*Iowa Workforce Development

Your career opportunities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Accounting technician
  • Executive or administrative assistant
  • Insurance specialist
  • Legal administrative assistant
  • Medical administrative assistant
  • Office manager

Program Costs

  • Your school district pays for your courses and provides the text books.
  • You are responsible for any field trips and activities out of the classroom.

Who can participate?

Any 9th-12th grade student who meets the requirements.

What can you do after you graduate from high school?

When you complete the Office Technology Academy, you will receive up to 15 credits (approximately a $2,200 value) toward your college degree!

You can continue your education at Hawkeye in programs such as:

Where are courses located?

Courses for the Office Technology Academy are located at your high school.

Course locations may vary; contact your guidance counselor for availability.

General Education course

Office Technology Academy

ACC115 Introduction to Accounting

4 credits—This course presents the fundamental concepts, procedures, and applications of the accounting cycle for service and merchandising businesses. The proprietorship form of ownership is studied. Topics include the special journals, payroll accounting, and accounting for cash.

Lecture Hours: 64

ADM105 Introduction to Keyboarding

1 credits—This course presents the technique and development of touch keyboarding. Basic functions of a computer are introduced with emphasis on learning alphabetic, numeric and symbolic keys, and the numeric keypad. The minimum competency of 25 net words per minute, with no more than five errors per timing, on 3 five-minute timed writings is required.

Lab Hours: 32

ADM131 Office Calculators

1 credits—The 10-key electronic calculator is used in business related applications. The emphasis is on speed and accuracy as the student performs the basic arithmetical procedures.

Lab Hours: 32

ADM159 Proofreading and Editing

3 credits—This course emphasizes the applications designed to sharpen skills in detecting and correcting errors in written communications including memos, letters, reports, databases, presentation slides, advertisements, and spreadsheets. It also introduces the student to proofreading and editing skills necessary when using current and new technology (i.e. email messages and voice recognition).

Lecture Hours: 48

BCA134 Word Processing

3 credits—This course will provide word processing concepts, terminology, and experience producing entry-level and advanced documents found in typical business offices. The major focus of the course is on mastery of word processing functions and concepts.

Lecture Hours: 48

Co-requisite(s): ADM105 Introduction to Keyboarding

BCA205 Database/Spreadsheets

3 credits—This course emphasizes file management and learning to generate and format spreadsheets and databases. File management tasks include managing folders and moving, copying and deleting files. Spreadsheet tasks include making entries, correcting entries, entering formulas and creating charts. Database tasks include designing and creating tables, generating queries, creating forms and reports, and database maintenance. Basic computer literacy is expected of students enrolling in this course.

Lecture Hours: 48

Prerequisite(s): A minimum grade of C in RDG039 and appropriate math placement score.

Co-requisite(s): Ability to type 15 net WPM on a five-minute timing. Test will be given on the first day of class.



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