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Course Description

MUS100 Music Appreciation provides an introduction to musical arts through listening to and studying the music of various periods from the Middle Ages to present.

This course will focus on listening and discussing various styles of music in context with the historical, social, and cultural environment of each period.

Allied arts, including dance, painting, and literature, may be used to demonstrate the relatedness of music to the larger scope of human experience.

Students will learn the basic language and concepts of music in order to be objective when discussing and writing about music.

This course is offered face-to-face, via the ICN, and online.

Course Objectives

This course will provide:

  1. basic listening skills conducive to an increased appreciation of music and musical works.
  2. an understanding of music and its place within the arts.
  3. an understanding of elementary musical vocabulary and concert knowledge.
  4. an overview and understanding of the major periods of music including the composers and musical characteristics


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