Annual Security Report—Crime Statistics

Reporting Criminal Actions or Emergencies

The Public Safety office number is posted throughout campus.

Members of the Hawkeye Community College community are urged to notify the Public Safety office immediately concerning any criminal and/or suspicious activity or other emergencies.

Students receive a Student Handbook on an annual basis.

Employees receive a Personnel Handbook on an annual basis.

Each Handbook contains pertinent safety and security information.

Criminal activity at College events held off campus will be reported by College officials present to the Public Safety office.


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College Closed

All Hawkeye Community College locations are closed today, Sunday, February 1, due to weather conditions.

Public Safety

Hawkeye Center 216
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Public Safety Officer


Metro Center Officer


Public Safety Manager

Nermin Ferkic
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Director, Public Safety and Emergency Management

John Beckman
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Executive Director of Human Resource Services

John Clopton
Hawkeye Center 101
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