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Diversity at Hawkeye


The mission of the Hawkeye Community College Diversity Committee is to help establish and sustain a set of policies, programs, practices and resources necessary to:

  • Promote a campus atmosphere which visibly reflects, encourages, and values a diverse and multicultural educational environment.
  • Expand individuals' appreciation of the benefits of a multicultural perspective.
  • Achieve multicultural effectiveness in teaching and learning.
  • Develop and sustain an increasingly diverse and inclusive college community of lifelong learning in order to effectively participate in a global society.


Our vision is an inclusive community of diverse individuals who value each other's experiences, understandings, and interpretations of the world. Valuing diversity involves deepening our understanding of how patterns of socialization, affiliation, and opportunity shape our identity and influence our perceptions. In this way, Hawkeye Community College students will be educated for, and can be effective in a global society.

Definition of Diversity

Diversity is the full range of unique characteristics and experiences that each person brings to the organization. These differences may include ethnicity, cultural heritage, gender, age, religion, and sexual orientation and functional abilities. These differences are important to understand, but they cannot be used to predict any individual's values, choices, or responses. Valuing diversity involves deepening our understanding of how interconnected statuses relate to patterns of socialization, affiliation, and opportunity. These patterns shape identities and influence the way people experience, understand, and interpret the world.

Faculty Diversity Internship

Hawkeye’s Faculty Diversity Internship Program (FDI) is an intensive teaching program that will positively impact classrooms at Hawkeye Community College and across the state and country. The emphasis of the program is on providing underrepresented populations opportunities to explore teaching on a community college campus. Through this exploration and teaching experience we aim to enhance the overall educational experience by creating a staff and faculty that are reflective of the growing diversity of Hawkeye Community College and our global community.

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